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The Civil Rights Movement in the US

An overview of the history of the civil rights movement which swept through America in the 1960s. The Civil Rights Movement in the United States Civil Rights Movement in the United States, political, legal, and social struggle by black Americans to gain full citizenship rights and to achieve racial equality. The civil rights movement was […]

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What effects did World War One have on social classes?

This TMA question, like many before, poses a short, succinct question to which the answer is anything but. The first hurdle encountered is how we deal with what is meant by the term ‘class’. There are also sub-divisions within a class, which may affect its status at the end of the war, such as religion, […]

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World War One Project

Imagine hunkering in a rat-infested trench, with armour piercing bullets tearing the side of the trenches, leaving you more exposed by the second. Imagine trekking through thick, dense and potentially fatal jungle with a 20 kilogram pack laden on your shoulder. Imagine sitting in the cockpit of a fighter plane, when all of a sudden […]

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The Aftermath of WW1

Give four reasons why the whole world was not filled with joy when the war ended? The war affected in many people and left many people unhappy once the war ended. Firstly Women were not happy after the war because women had gained independence once the men had gone to war women were needed to […]

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Analyse how far WW1 caused the Russian Revolution

This investigation evaluates the extent of how World War 1 has led Russia into a revolution. To asses the extent how World War 1 was the main contributor to the onset of the revolution, the investigation will be focusing on the effects of the war on the government by exposing the weakness of the Tsar […]

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The First World War helped more than it hindered progress in Medicine

This essay will discuss whether WWI had a positive or negative impact on the history of medicine taking into account future impacts and concluding whether any progress made was worth the amount of deaths from the devastating war. Firstly, the First World War did help medicine as although there were many deaths, the war allowed […]

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