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Do you know that you’re not dreaming right now?

Rene Descartes, a Frenchman and a Philosopher, spent a great many years of his life striving to discover the human capability of knowing anything of substance. He sought to formulate a method for attaining the truth and his process of systematic doubt had great influence on the subsequent developments in Philosophy. Descartes studied his past […]

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Enlightened Philosophers

A comparison of the philosophies of John Lock; Voltaire; Martin Luther and Galileo from the Enlightenment period. Enlightenment -The Light Bulb of the 1700’s Throughout history many people have changed society with their ideas and actions. Two philosophers whose ideas and actions changed society are Voltaire and John Lock. Martin Luther and Galileo also changed […]

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Schisms within Pentecostalism: Why So Much Fragmentation?

Pentecostalism refers to a reincarnating religious movement that occurred at a mass level within Christianity in the twentieth century. Taking a broad spectrum of organizational and theological perspectives into account, this movement emphasized on the direct personal experience of God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Growing out of the Holiness renewal during the […]

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