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Teens in Danger: A Look at Modern Adolescent

The short story written by Anne Tyler, “Teenage Wasteland” (1984), addresses some of the problems teenagers are faced with during this vulnerable point in theirs lives. The young teenager Donny struggles to find himself in a world that he feels is full of evil. Going into teenage years is a difficult time and it involves […]

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Is being 14 the age to think about your future?

That’s all I said to my mum while we were arguing. I mean being14 means enjoying being a teenager. But if you have parents stuck to your back then maybe thinking about the future is the only thing you can do! Now looking at my mum is an example. Her parents wanted her to be […]

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Feature Article Task – Teens and gangs

Gun shots aren’t exactly the ideal sound one would want to wake up to, but for some teenagers the sound is part of their day to day lives. You wouldn’t find these youths on the streets of Beverly Hills or anywhere in Orange County, the sounds are heard in the poorest of neighbourhoods while the […]

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Teenagers and Alcohol

Teenagers and alcohol is a topic about which people have strongly contrasting views, especially in relation to the opinions of the authorities and teenagers. Some of the main issues that will be covered are age, behaviour, health, problems, legislation and cost. The law has a major part to play in this topic, as the police […]

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Teenagers Kick Back at the Media

Why is it that so many youths are tarred with exactly the same hooded brush? Is it because we really are just young hoodlums, terrorising pensioners and getting pregnant? Or is it because the media feels intimidated by our outstanding success’? The youth of today are more intelligent than ever before in history, with illiteracy […]

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Describe the growth of teenage culture in the USA in the period 1955-75

The average teenager was very different in 1955, to that of 1975. During the 1950’s young white middle class people had a lot more money to spend on themselves than any other generation. They were unquestionably better off than young people in other countries and indeed than what their parents had been during the years […]

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