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Conceptual Framework For Ontology Based Information Computer Science Essay

Over the old ages, the volume of information available through the World Wide Web has been increasing continuously ; unluckily, the unstructured nature and immense volume of information accessible over webs have made it progressively hard to happen the relevant information. The information retrieval techniques normally used are based on keywords, wherein provided keyword list […]

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Technological Developments

The telephone was the world’s first way of communicating to people far away without seeing the person who you were conversing with. This was thanks to the Scottish scientist Alexander William Bell, who in 1872 independently designed a device that could transmit speech electrically. He rushed to the patent office with the contraption and went […]

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Windows XP

To begin with, the one software I must use is an operating system. Every computer needs an operating system – the one I have used is Windows XP. I could’ve used newer operating systems like Windows Vista but they are more expensive to buy and they also require more RAM to run which will make […]

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Database in Mysql

1) Download joomla installer (http://www.joomla.org/download.html) and xampp installer (http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html) from internet. 2) Install xampp by double click at the xampp installer 3) Choose English as your language. Click OK button. Illustration 1 4) Click Next button on the Illustration 2 Illustration 2 5) Leave the Destination Folder as default setting. Do not change the path […]

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Vintage Britain

To start off with we had to decide our design brief and product theme, my brief was : “Next spring/summer 2011 trend forecasts show the theme “Vintage Britain” is going to be the main key theme in fashion. Design and make a garment at London Fashion Week to celebrate past and present British fashion”. I […]

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The Evolution of Style

“Fashion is the mirror of history”, Lours the XIV correctly observed. Why do people wear what they wear? Why have human beings chosen to change their appearance in such amazing ways? Have they changed it for themselves or for the eyes of others? There is no adequate response. In this report the evolution of fashion […]

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