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Why we need more teachers in kindergarten

Firstly, the budget approved for Kindergarten this year at A’Rowad School is, that of three Arabic teachers, three English, one PE and one Music teacher. Nursery rhymes and dances are part of the everyday plan in most kindergarten curriculums; therefore a music lesson is not needed as the children’s need for the music is met […]

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Why Am I Applying for the Celta Course

As a teacher by profession, I have taught children of different age groups with different abilities from different backgrounds. It has been and is still is an amazing profession because you never stop learning new things and impacting lives and making a positive difference in the lives of children. I was losing my passion and […]

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The Importance of the Written Word

Since the beginning of time books have been considered the infinite holders of knowledge, only the rich and powerful could afford. At birth young minds are fresh and ready to be molded by creativity and knowledge; books are one of the many ways to fill this infinite space. By showing and reading books to children […]

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Developiing a Mission Statement

A mission statement helps educators to improve their purpose and assist them to be successful. It will help the educators to keep on track and evade losing their focus of what they are actually about. According to Canter in his presentation Classic High Performing Teacher, “A mission statement is a single guide throughout your teaching […]

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Teacher’s Day

I didn’t come to school last Monday, which was actually Teacher’s Day. Yes I was too lazy to come to school. Firstly, we’re in the middle of an examination and to add to that, I don’t think most of the teachers want to see me in school. Just so you know, I’m having a little […]

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