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Discuss the theory behind the start of the solar system

My project this year is based on the solar system. In my project I will discuss the theory behind the start of the solar system. I will also describe the sun and planets moving round it. Some planets can easily be seen at night but you need a powerful telescope to see others. A lot […]

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Is Space Exploration Morally Justified?

On February the first, 2003, the Columbia space shuttle broke up as it re-entered the earth’s atmosphere. The astronauts onboard the shuttle all tragically died. The accident left people wandering if mankind’s urge to explore and need to understand has gone too far or is the Columbia Space shuttle crash just a set back in […]

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The word nebula comes from the Latin word for clouds. A nebula is a cosmic cloud of gas and dust witch is floating in space. If it is more then one nebula then they are called nebulae. These cosmic clouds are the fundamental building blocks of our universe. They contain the elements that are needed […]

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