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Working With Others

This was a final session of our Inquiry Based Learning group which was a review of our learning and a sharing of feedback on our scenario action plan. On evaluating how the previous four sessions had gone the subject of the interaction between group members was discussed in an open, honest and reflective way with […]

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HIV/AIDS and its nature as a social problem

HIV/AIDS are a collection of symptoms which affect the immune system. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the result of HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus). This disease is one that affects people on a global scale and a disease that needs to be addressed and acted upon immediately. But is HIV/AIDS a social problem? One understanding […]

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Loss is an integral part of health practice across the services

“Illness is the night-side of life, a more onerous citizenship. Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and in the kingdom of the sick. Although we all prefer to use only the good passport, sooner or later each of us is obliged, at least for a spell, to identify […]

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Intro-perspective Critical Reflection Practice

Discuss reflective practice on a casework situation that you have worked with directly. The case may relate to an effective outcome, a challenging moment or some aspect of the work that remains in your mind. Sarah is a 12 year old Samoan girl with a past history of depression, self harm and panic attacks. She […]

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