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Smoking – Creative Writing

Musty, stifling. The two things I vividly remember as I stepped into that gloomy, old corner shop. I wandered round looking at the bright, multi-coloured packets that surrounded me. I heard my D.T. teacher telling me that this was a form of advertising and would draw my attention to the product and, before I knew […]

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Smoking kills

Have you ever heard the saying “I can always quit”? Maybe you have from someone who is addicted but never really fulfilled that thought. With an estimated 443,000 deaths each year, including 3400 in Queensland, it is a piercing truth that this is definitely not the case with the use of tobacco. Smokers need help […]

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To smoke or not to smoke?

The human organism is a machine. Like any machine, it has a function. That function is able to work and achieve a particular goal. But unfortunately, some of us aren’t aware of the function of our machine or its purpose. When we observe at plants and animals and minerals, it is easy for us to […]

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Supreme Court Case Legal Opinion

This paper consists of an imaginary supreme court verdict, on a case about whether the searching of personal belongings of a high school student was unconstitutional TLO vs. New Jersey: When is the constitution invalid? Justice Matthew Kaufman In the case of New Jersey vs. TLO, I rule in favor of the petitioner, the state […]

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Smoking Coursework

Smoking annihilates. It destroys health, it costs money and it makes you painfully ill. Smoking is a dreadful enemy. Why ruin your health just for a dangerous cigarette? Many people may think that smoking is a benefit. People believe that a cigarette can relax their mind and free their tension. But the disadvantages outweigh the […]

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The Effects of Smoking on the Human Body

In this issue report I will be going into detail about the subject of smoking and its effects on the body. The main two aspects I will be covering and answering questions to are whether there is a correlation between smoking and damage to the lungs and heart, for example, respiratory problems and cardiovascular disease. […]

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