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Resistance to Slavery

The enslaved African people did not accept their loss of freedom. This was clearly seen in the many revolts which happened. Some slave revolts were very dramatic but other slaves resisted in less dramatic ways. Different types of slave resistance 1. Put the following types of resistance on the correct side of the table. * […]

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Slave Trade

Slavery started in around 1490 when Europeans settled in South America. They needed people to work for them; however, there were not enough European servants. Due to the disease and heat, European slaves died quickly. The South Americans and the Europeans needed workers who could tolerate the climate and working conditions. The Spaniards and Portuguese […]

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Up From Slavery

1. Up From Slavery is used by Doubleday, Page, and Company as the title of Booker T. Washington’s because they want to help whites in America realize who African-Americans really are and how Washington was able to rise above it all and become a successful citizen in the US even through his hard times. Washington […]

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