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Outcomes Based Education

This paper discusses Outcomes Based Education (OBE), a new approach to education that measuries what students can do, rather than what they understand. Outcomes Based Education There has been a concern for some time throughout America regarding the quality of public education. Students are graduating from high school without adequate knowledge of the three R’s. […]

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Research work on the existence of hierarchies in school

I will deal with topics such as power, politics and admiration. I will use cultural relativism in this case, although, being it my own society; I may become tempted to include some of my own bias in the analysis. Above all, the comparative anthropological study of politics and therefore of power is concerned with showing […]

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School Leadership

Throughout my entire junior year, I participated in a unique class taught at our local elementary school. This class was called ‘Conflict Management’ and consisted of a full year of tutoring various elementary students in reading. I had the pleasure of tutoring elementary kids from first, second, third, and fourth grades. The most difficult student […]

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Getting To School

I’ll never forget the day I have to start school. It was a cold, rainy day. The day was full of gloom. I had to start Primary School. Mum had woken me up earlier than normal. I was worried even a little bit scared. I didn’t know what was going on. Mum said ” Morning, […]

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My school day

My name is Lucy chan. I lived in Hong Kong, New Territories, Ma On Shan. I am now in the 10th grade and go to Sha Tin College. I am 15 years old and am an only child. In this article I will share with all you readers what a day in my life is […]

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Is Everyone’s senior year full of the same things?

Everyone’s senior year is full of the same things, the homecoming dance, the football games, preparing for college, and a fire? You may think that a fire is an unusual thing to list, but it is something that is a reality for senior year. On September 22, 2005 my family’s memories and everything that I’ve […]

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