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A critical analysis of the message by John Donne

Form: The poem is set out in stanzas, not paragraphs. The three stanzas are of equal length, although the line length differs within the stanzas. The author charts out in three stages his mortal acceptance of the rejection in love. Each stanza representing a time, depict to the suffering. Lines 1, L2, are of equal […]

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Love in Donne’s Songs and Sonnets

The presence of love is thematically interwoven into all of John Donne’s Songs and Sonnets. Confronting the ideas of both the eroticism of physical love and the purity and intellectualism of spiritual love, Donne creates a world in which the reader is able to glimpse into the psyche of the poet. It is significant to […]

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Commentary on Donne’s “The Sun Rising”

John Donne was possibly the greatest metaphysical poet of the seventeenth century, and his greatness has endured. His blending of the intellectual with the emotional, and the spiritual with the physical has made him one of the most admired poets in the twentieth century. His work may be roughly divided into three groups1. The first […]

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Elegy 19: To his mistress going to bed

> What imagery does Donne use which is used in other poems you have studied? Do u find any which is unusual? > What is the speaker’s attitude to the mistress? > “Donne’s love poems are not about love, they are about power”. With reference to this and one other Donne poem evaluate this statement. […]

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