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The Future of the British Countryside

For centuries the British rural landscape has been dominated by agriculture, beginning with Neolithic man about five thousand years ago. Before then, most of Britain was covered with forest. Prior to the Bronze Age (about 1700 B. C. ), what agriculture existed was ‘slash and burn’, with no permanent settlements. The Bronze Age saw the […]

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North American Slave population was self-reproducing after 1730

The origins of black slavery, linked with Portuguese explorations in the fifteenth century, predominately originated from sub-Saharan West Africa. The numbers that were forcibly migrated to North American colonies are considered to be much less than that transported to Latin America or any other areas. Despite this North America evolved as the major New World […]

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Population is one of the most problematic threats our world is facing today which was not there about some years ago. Today the world’s human population is growing by more than 75 million people per year. About half the world lives in nations with sub-replacement fertility (rate that is not high enough to replace an […]

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Gap between rich and poor widening in Brazilian cities

Sao Paulo is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the largest city in South America. The city is found on the South-East of Brazil. The population 16.2 million. This city is mostly growing because of its industry centres that produce chemicals, furniture, machinery, and motor vehicles, so there are many opportunities […]

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Modern Cities Have No Order

It may be the case that ‘modern cities have no order’, but it is unfair to generalize this statement to every city. Most cities, in fact, appear to have some order, and so to claim that modern cities have no order is untrue. Each individual city is different, and so, whether or not cities have […]

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