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Discuss the process in which German Jews embraced

Much of the historiography of German Jewry talks about emancipation and an assimilated (or ‘acculturated’) Jewish community. Many analyses of Jewish identification with German culture suggest that the Jews believed in the ideals of the German enlightenment and saw them as their way to emancipation – but at the same time they admitted that their […]

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Did Kaiser Wilhelm II at any time exercise real power?

When Kaiser Wilhelm I died on the 9th of March 1888, he and his close Chancellor: Otto von Bismarck, had over seen the unification of Germany through Prussia, and had established the German Empire as a known power throughout the world. Kaiser Wilhelm I was succeeded by his only son Frederick III, however this arrangement […]

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Did European colonialism in Africa invariably have a negative impact upon women?

European presence in Africa invariably caused many changes to traditional cultures both socially, economically and politically. The majority of Africans were affected by European penetration and in order to fully understand the extent to which their roles in society changed we must draw from various sources to comprehend the impact which western civilization inflicted on […]

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Did Disraeli achieve his aims in his social reforms 1874-80?

Disraeli’s government of 1874-1880 has been described as ‘responsible for one of the most notable instalments of social reform of the century’1, and in the time since this ministry, he has become associated with social reform and the ‘elevation of the condition of the people’2. However there is some debate amongst historians regarding his reforms, […]

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