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Othello – Iago hates the Moor.txt

A study of Shakespeare’s play “Othello” and the character Iago’s hatred of the Moor. ” Iago has a large appetite for revenge. In his perspective, he believes that it is he who should be in charge, not Othello the moor. This creates an anger in Iago, who entraps Othello in a web of deceit. He […]

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Discuss the Fatal Flaws in the Characters of Othello and Macbeth

Othello and Macbeth are both represented with a number of flaws, which inspire their inevitable downfalls, which were created by Shakespeare to highlight the many flaws of simple human nature. In Othello Iago nearly achieves his goals because of his unmatched ability to persuade and fabricate the truth, which leads to the death of sweet […]

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Define ‘tragic hero’

A tragic hero usually has high moral and social standing. They will be honourable and graceful but with one fatal flaw. Fate will set their path and the flaw in their character will bring them to their downfall and not let them deviate from it. They also always die at the end of the play […]

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Othello extract Analysis (3.3.435-476)

This extract seems fitting for analysis as it embodies the meaning of tragedy in the Aristotelian sense: the chief emotions induced in the audience from this 40-line exchange are pity and fear which by Aristotle’s definition announce a tragedy. The crucial event in this extract – Iago’s claims to have seen Cassio “wipe his beard” […]

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