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If I Ruled The World…

If I ruled the world I would definitely get rid of MEN! They are incredibly useless, insensitive and bizarre. Men are the worst human beings in the world! If we got rid of them then life would be so much easier, we wouldn’t have any old bag as our Prime Minister. We would have Margaret […]

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Ellen – creative writing

Ellen Rudford was twenty three years old and lived in a tiny, shabby cottage in the small village of Goldwarren. All she ever wanted in life was to meet the man of her dreams, settle down and have children. So far, her life was not going exactly how she planned it. She always thought she’d […]

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Original Writing – Robot Progress Update

Since the last invention of the robot, the team has been working hard to make the new one better than the first one. The team has read the feedback from the public about the last robot and now we are trying to add new and better features and maintain the successful features from the previous […]

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A War Story – Original Writing

I perched over the wall, looking deep into the darkness. Deep, with unfocused pupils trying to forget it all. I stared at the sophisticated shapes of the mosque when my eyes suddenly came into focus. I sat and observed the devout Muslims, not coming to pray but to bargain with Allah. The regulars were all […]

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Oridinal writing – “Dad how long before we get home?” I asked

My brothers and I had been going on for ages, we were naming cities beginning with different letters, we had already done footballers and cricketers, we had even tried family members but after number 153.5 (our cousin was pregnant) it just was not fun. Being bored and having nothing to do can make you do […]

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Original Writing Coursework: Second Draft

A gale chilled the bones of an intrepid Miss Rose Taylor as she wrapped her thin ragged shawl ever more tightly round her shoulders. Rain had battered the city, leaving the cloyingly sweet scent of freshly soaked pavements and dilapidated buildings. Still the weather suited Rose perfectly; she had no patience for sunlight, why should […]

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