Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Setting: The story transports the reader deep within the most powerful intelligent organization in the world. The National Security Agency is in charge of breaking complexly encrypted international documents. They steal other people’s secrets while protecting their own. The agency works effectively because not many Americans knew their existence. It brings up the issues of […]

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Accounting in the Organization

In my history of Accounting, I have found out that Management Accounting is totally different from Managerial Accounting, and my research of Managerial Accounting it is somewhat familiar, that it reminds me of Financial Accounting. Management accounting provides information to people within an organization while financial accounting is merely for those outside it, such as […]

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Culture Organizational Behavior

Culture is an instrument fulfilling precise needs, or an adaptive and regulative mechanism. Sophistication is perceived as controllable by association and giving to the finished balance and effectiveness of an association (Smircich 1983. ). In its extremely broadest sense, sophistication serves to delineate disparate groupings of people on the basis of the extent to that […]

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Building an Ethical Organization

The organization of Young Teen Moms is new to the community and wants to reach out and provide a safe place for young moms. I take my new position as the director of the organization very seriously and want to share my input and values of what I think the organization can benefit from. I […]

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The Future of Non-Profits

“The once-booming nonprofit sector is in the midst of a shakeout, leaving many Americans without services and culling weak groups from the strong. Hit by a drop in donations and government funding in the wake of a deep recession, nonprofits—from arts councils to food banks—are undergoing a painful restructuring, including mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, cutbacks and […]

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