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Are humans to blame for Global warming or is it a natural phenomenon?

I have chosen this question because this question raises numerous arguments that need to be addressed and solved. Global warming is a matter that is featured in my everyday life such as newspapers, books, news, etc. the main issue is the debate on whether global warming is man-made or the cause of a natural phenomenon […]

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Hinduism and the environment

The main question I will be looking at answering is; how does Hinduism respond to environmental issues and animal rights? When looking at this I must look to answer many questions. I will include what science says about the environment and its reaction to any problems and how animals are treated in the world of […]

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Baby Boutique

There was a time, not long ago, when Dinosaurs and Vikings roamed the Earth and pro-creation was considered a natural process of life where Mother Nature was the only essential force at play. But now, as we stand just over the threshold of the twenty-first century, the immoral notion of designer babies is threatening to […]

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A Description of Nature

The word nature is derived from the latin word nature or “essential qualities, innate disposition”, and in ancient times, literally meant “birth”. Nature was a Latin translation of the Greek of the Greek word physics ,which origionally Related to the intrinsic characteristics that plants , animals, and other features of the world develop of their […]

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The Nature Versus Nurture Debate

One of the controversies that have found its way into several disciplines today is the Nature vs Nurture debate (Hellmann, Hal, 1998. ). This debate does not leave the school system out of the picture. When this debate is related to the educational system, one of the things that we discuss is if the standard […]

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Douglas House

The Douglas House was built by Richard Meier in 1971-1973 for Jim and Jean Douglas. The house is gently placed on a steep slope over the water, almost as if it is floating amongst the trees. As Meier stated about the house, “So steep is the slope to the water that the house appears to […]

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