Reward Systems & Incentives

Reward Systems, or appraisal systems as it can also be called, are important for any company. A reward system is defined as a structured method of evaluating and compensating employees based on their performance. The compensations and rewards are known as incentives to the employees. The incentives can be bonuses in pay or added vacation […]

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Be Our Guest

Why did the current amount of debt limit how much the business could borrow to solve the current cash crunch? Be Our Guest, Inc. has maxed out their available credit. The company has a high balance of long-term debt and a revolving credit line to help pay for their business expenses. Due to the fact […]

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German Hyperinflation

One of the most interesting and devastating phenomena to take place in a country was during the post World War I German Hyperinflation from 1918 – 1923. Germany had lost the war and the Allies were forcing them to make reparations. “The central government in Germany, which did not impose income taxes, financed the war […]

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The Best Ways to Prevent Overdue Accounts

Want to improve the way you run your business? For any company, having overdue accounts wreak havoc on cash flow and liquid assets. In a small business, tracking down the guilty parties is both a financial and physical drain. It’s easy to say “don’t do business with deadbeats”, but the realities of things are much […]

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Buying vs. Renting Outline

I. Buying a house is what everyone wants, but renting may be the way to go for certain people. A. The choice of buying versus renting a house can be a big financial decision. B. When making the decision of buying or renting a house it is important to consider a few things such as […]

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Berter System

1Q. Problem of barter system? How dose money solve it? Ans: barter system is a traditional system in which people sell goods and services in order to obtain other goods and services through direct exchange without the mediation of money. But there is some problem of barter system. The problem of barter system are given […]

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