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The thing to do

The 1st thing is to go to start or in Vista and 7 the windows logo. The 2sd thing is to go to All Programs. The 3rd thing is to go to accessories. The 4th thing is to go to System Tools. The 5th thing is to go to Disk Defragmenter. The 6th thing is […]

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Excel Spreadsheet project

The Excel Spreadsheet project I am making is to make a practical and sufficient way of calculating the calorie expenditure and calorie consuming and working how much weight can be lost over a time space. I chose to use Excel Spreadsheet instead of the other solutions because it had many appealing qualities some of the […]

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Analyse – Database

Chosen Hardware: Below is a table of the hardware, which will be used when implementing the system. Both input and hardware devises have been considered. Input Devices Reason for Choice Keyboard By using this hardware I will be able to key in the relevant information concerning the member detail, method of payment and book details. […]

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Word Processing

Good formatting features including wrapping and tables. Good OLE support and VBA recorder Excel Fully featured including all trig and business functions. Good range of charts, formatting, programming, etc. VBA recorder Access Relational database that allows user to create and edit relations without using scripts as in File Make Pro. Easy graphical interface PowerPoint Good […]

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Using Software

The software I used for creating the Input, Process, and Output, was Microsoft Excel and Fireworks. For creating the Input, I used Customer Details, for the Process, I used the Holiday Estimate, and finally for the Output I used the Invoice. Here is a diagram to explain what I mean: So, Input, Process, Output all […]

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An Idiot’s guide to Microsoft Access

1) To set up a table: Open Microsoft Access and click on Tables, Then create table in Design View. Type in your fields under fieldname. Find a key field. This field must be totally unique to every entry. When you have found it, click on the field and then on the key icon in the […]

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