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Martin Luther King Obituary 

Martin Luther King was one of the most inspiration and influential people ever to have lived, leading the civil rights movement in the United States and protesting, non-violently, against segregation and racial discrimination. His incredible story started in 1955 after an elderly back lady named Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a […]

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Analyse Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech

King was a clergyman who employed non-violent methods to achieve an advancement of Civil Rights, not just in USA but around the world. He became an icon of modern American liberalism due to his flair for motivating his audiences into action and this was recognised by him being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. His father […]

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Comparison of speeches by Barrack Obama and Martin Luther King

All this we can do. All this we will do” At this point in the speech, I thought Obama had a perfect opportunity to raise his intonation and pace to galvanise the crowd to the thought of a utopian future. With much thought, I have arrived at the conclusion that this is feasible due to […]

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Famous Speeches

Throughout time speeches have allowed the ideas and the voices of people to be heard. It has allowed action to have started and awareness for others. Through a speech an underlying message is present and the distinctive voice allows this message to be heard. In this assignment I have talked about eight speeches and the […]

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