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How Effective Is The Opening Of The Handmaids Tale?

The first four chapters act as an effective and appropriate introduction to the Handmaid’s Tale. Throughout the first four chapters, Atwood uses several techniques, and also the creative anti-chronological feature of the novel to the engage the interest of the reader. Chapter 1 immediately sets up the time scale of the novel, within the first […]

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How far do you agree that Atwood has created not a real person but a mouthpiece for her ideas in the characterization of Offred?

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ clearly demonstrates elements of Atwood’s ideas such as gender politics and concerns with the environment. How far Atwood manipulates the characters in order to express her ideas will be explored and whether this makes Offred an implausible character. The narrative style used in the novel, a discontinuous and short-scened structure with time […]

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How is the character of Serena Joy presented in chapter 3?

The character of Serena Joy in chapter 3 is presented as a mysterious unsympathetic character to the reader. Atwood does this by numerous devices. The reader meets Serena Joy through the narrator and protagonist, Offred, and gains her perception of Serena. This keeps her distant from the reader. Offred mentions Serena Joy to the reader […]

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How appropriate is the ending to “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

The ending of The Handmaid’s Tale, although is not a satisfactory ending for the reader, suits the novel very well. Its ambiguity follows the same ambiguous themes which we have already seen permeate the whole text. Atwood uses the last sentence of the text “the darkness within; or else the light” deliberately, to continue with […]

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Offred’s tale has been described as “a resistance narrative”

resistance narrative is a story about an individual who is resisting showing that they do not agree with a social or political view. In this novels case we have Offred who is trying to resist the tyrannical society she is in. This is a recurring theme in “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood as we […]

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