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Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of reasoning as a Way of Knowing

There are certain characteristics of the human mind that play different and vital roles in the acquisition of knowledge, the process of understanding and the analysis of this knowledge. In knowledge itself, the different Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing (emotion, language, perception and reason) present people with many opportunities for means of interpretation, […]

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Evaluating Children’s Knowledge

In this assignment I will endeavour to pinpoint two well-established areas of knowledge and two emerging areas of knowledge from watching two short observations of two different groups of children playing with blocks. I am aware that it would be ‘unfair, from one activity with such little evidence, to draw firm conclusions about what these […]

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It Has Been Said That Not Everything That Is Learned Is Contained in Books

In approaching to this idea, basicly there are two ways of gaining knowledge. One is via books and the other is via personal experieneces. Eventhough both are important, knowledge through experience have seemingly profound importance that what is obtained through books. I personally believe that the practical knowledge gain through experience is highly essential to […]

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