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Conceptual Framework For Ontology Based Information Computer Science Essay

Over the old ages, the volume of information available through the World Wide Web has been increasing continuously ; unluckily, the unstructured nature and immense volume of information accessible over webs have made it progressively hard to happen the relevant information. The information retrieval techniques normally used are based on keywords, wherein provided keyword list […]

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IT Course System Analysis

According to the specification supplied, the new system to be developed is for a short course institute. “The short course institute runs computing courses for members of the public and IT professionals. The institute offers certification from many of the major computing organizations (e.g. Oracle Certification, .Net Certification, C# etc.). The organizations provide the certification […]

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Latin integritas, from integer ‘intact, whole’

Data integrity means that data shown in a database is up to date and correct and accurately shows the information, e.g. referring to the database we have just completed for the Gymnastics Club, John Smith was shown to be perfect in both events and consequently, got gold in both events, when in fact, the perfect […]

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Using Technology – GPS in vehicles

The technology on multi-vehicles has changed a lot since the 90’s. Although this leads to human a huge help for transportation, there are still pros and cons on this stage. Just like how GPS satellites work. On the one hand, there are quite a lot of pros. Let say the taxis and some cars, they […]

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Safe working pratices when using ICT in a business environment

Poor health can result in inefficiency in work so it is important to be as healthy as possible while in a business environment. There are several measures you could take to ensure that your health is protected when in a business environment. Measures such as: 1. Taking regular breaks 2. Using ergonomic equipment 3. Having […]

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ICT in Reuters

ICT Support Reuters use ICT in a variety of ways. Data is available through platforms such as internet. Reuters manage software and hardware so that it meets the needs of staff and customers. Development To develop software so that it meets the needs of existing customers, in order to ensure that it is a market […]

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