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Women in Society

Describing the ongoing battle of women of gaining an equal place in society on all fronts. Women in all careers are striving to gain equality in the work force today, and female television news anchors are definitely part of the fight. The road to television news anchoring is a rocky one, where only a few […]

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Gender Roles in Seven Against Thebes

The gender roles play an important part in Seven Against Thebes and the differences in our cultures from Greek culture. The gender roles differ greatly from today’s standards. To better understand Aeschylus’ play, differences in ways of thinking must be taken into account. The chorus starts out lamenting, near hysterical, and disordered. After Eteokles accused […]

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Gender roles in the home

Aim: In this assignment I will carry out an investigation into how gender roles within the family, and attitudes towards them, have changed over the last 50 years. Hypotheses: I am going to test the following two hypotheses: (1) Gender roles in the home are now, less segregated than 50 years ago. (2) Attitudes to […]

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What makes debate surrounding masculinity so contentious?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word contentious refers to “quarrelsome, Likely to cause argument. This question simply affirms that masculinity does evoke disputes. This essay seeks to establish what the cause of the contention is. The reason as to why the debate surrounding the masculinity is so contentious will be explored in four […]

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Are Boys Better At Math Than Girls?

It seems that for decades there have been an endless debate as to whether or not the male species is superior to the female species. This ongoing debate is better known to the public society as the “battle of the sexes. ” Further investigated, this debate can focus on the many differences found amongst men […]

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To what extent is it possible for archaeologists to establish the differing roles of men and women in the past?

Gender is a fundamental component of one’s social identity. It is comprised of learned behaviours and culturally communicated symbols that “materialise” a set of beliefs about masculinity and femininity – primarily that men and women are different and have different roles and responsibilities in social reproduction and maintenance. Gender systems include: beliefs; activities (gendered division […]

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