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Investigation into the U-Values of Different Materials

The aim of this investigation is to compare the U-values given off by conductors of different materials. The U-value for any specified heat conductor is the heat energy lost per second through the conductor per square metre when there is a temperature difference of 1�c between its surfaces. FAIR TEST: * I must have equal […]

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How much Iron (II) in 100 grams of Spinach Oleracea?

The factors that I am going to investigated in this experiment include finding the best method to determine the concentration of an Iron (II) Ammonium Sulphate (aq) by trying colorimetry, an electrochemical cells experiment and a redox titration with Potassium Manganate (aq). After this I will extract Iron (II) from Spinach Oleracea using various methods […]

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Identification of an organic unknown

In this chemistry coursework, I am supplied with an unknown organic compound containing one of the following functional group: * Alkene * Primary alcohol * Tertiary alcohol * Aldehyde * Ketone * Carboxylic Acid * Ester * Phenol I am going to outline a sequence of simple chemical test that I could use to identify […]

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Definitions from the ‘Dictionary Of Science’

Convection- heat energy transfer that involves the movement of a fluid (gas or liquid). According to the kinetic theory, molecules of fluid in contact with the source of heat expand and tend to rise within the bulk of the fluid. Less energetic, cooler molecules sink to take their place, setting up convection currents. This is […]

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The investigation is aiming to look at transpiration

The investigation is aiming to look at transpiration. A range of different conditions will be used to determine the rate of transpiration in different plants {xerophytes and mesophytes}. I will also be comparing the rate of transpiration in xerophytes and mesophytes. PREDICTION The rate of transpiration in mesophyte will be higher than that in xerophytes. […]

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Mung bean lab report – examining the effect of light on growth

First shred a large amount of paper towel into Quarter-sized pieces. Fill each bottle with the paper towel shreds until they are about one-sixth of the way full. Slowly and carefully fill each bottle with water until each piece of paper towel is wet. Make sure the paper towels don’t clump together in the bottle. […]

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