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Evolution vs. Creation

Creation and Evolution are two major beliefs that people follow as a guideline. The two philosophies have different effects on our lives and the make up who we are and what we do. I will compare these two philosophies and show their pros and cons. Creation is a belief followed by many people and the […]

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde Quote Close Reading

He is not easy to describe. There is something wrong with his appearance; something displeasing, something downright detestable. I never saw a man I so disliked, and yet I scarce know why. He must be deformed somewhere; he gives a strong feeling of deformity, although I couldn’t specify the point. He’s an extraordinary-looking man, and […]

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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

The British naturalist, Charles Robert Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England, on the same day as Abraham Lincoln, on February 12, 1809. Charles Darwin was the second son and fifth child of Susannah Wedgwood and Robert Waring Darwin. Charles Darwin was born into a relatively wealthy family, since his mother was from a family of […]

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Evolutionism and Creationism

It has been said that most things are never absolutely different from the others. In this sense, I would like to venture an early answer to this proposed essay’s question on whether one evolutionary theory can convince others of the validity of their beliefs or not: yes and no Allow me to explain. In attempting […]

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Evolution of primate intelligence

There has been significant effort to elucidate the evolutionary history of the hominoid species over the last five decades. Several approaches have identified a number of selective pressures that have triggered primate speciation over approximately 65 million years (my). One traditional approach is macroevolution, which explains phylogeny through comparative anatomy, fossil records, brain size, gestation […]

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