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Air Pollution Discussion

A discussion of the problems of pollution facing humanity today. This essay identifies and explains the problem of pollution facing humanity today. It will also propose one of the first ideas which could more effectively limit air pollution, Emission Credit Trading. This can be seen as one of the first steps in the development of […]

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Relation of People’s Lifestyle and the Climate

Climate change is the change in the weather looked at it over a long period of time. There are two factors causing it- natural and man-made. Natural, we cannot stop it from happening but man-made is something to look upon. People are not aware that their day-to-day life has a severe impact on the environment. […]

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Climate Change, sea level rises and engineering Hull for the future

Over the period since planet Earth formed “there have always been fluctuations in the earths climate”(Claussen E,Cochran VA, Davis DP, 2001, Climate change: science, strategies, & solutions, ed,: Leiden, Boston, Koin; Brill, 2001) through variations of the amount of sunlight passing through the earths atmosphere, changes in the distance the earth is from the sun, […]

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Human responsibility for environment conservation

As over past years, many counties econmic growth boost . It brings many consequences to the environment. As the technology being better,the energy consumption will increase. For supplying energy,it needs to release lots of wastes and harmful gaseous . Finally, the ecosystem would be destroyed. Therefore, sustainable development is needed to make a balance between […]

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