Business Forum Group

“Working as an independent consultant economist for the local Business Forum Group 2005 (BFG 2005), you have been asked by the Chairman, Stuart Michaels, to explain to him and his members how economies and diseconomies of scale affect costs and what their respective sources are. He would also like you to explain how costs in […]

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Legislation and Production Systems

Council Directive 1999/74/EC is a piece of European Union legislation which focuses on the cages of poultry involved in commercial egg production. The Directive is subject to review in 2005. Up until World War II eggs were produced on a small scale and by small flocks. With the outbreak of war, rationing was introduced and […]

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Modeling assignment 

The demand for a product has many variables which affect it. Each variable affects the demand to a different degree. I am going to look at these variables for my product, beef, and develop an econometric demand function, to model the changes in the demand for beef for the subperiod 1967-95. To evaluate my results […]

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The Role of the Production Manager

In a television production, no one member of the team is dispensable. Each person has a job to do, without which the programme could not be made. It is the job of the production manager to tie in and oversee the process and people to ensure that the programme is made and delivered on time […]

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Act, Protest and Buy Diesel

So if you think you have been to Dieseland, and you probably have been to one of the 160 global stores– each custom built as a gateway to the Diesel world, where handsome DJ’s spin the latest sounds; where impossibly trendy twentysomething shop assistants make you feel like you are the only person in the […]

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Amax Automobiles

Amax Automobiles est pr�sentement s�par� en trois divisions A, B et C selon leur trois gammes d’automobile, de luxe, haut de gamme et de masse. Chacune des divisions semblent repr�senter une entreprise ind�pendante puisqu’elles utilisent des noms de marque diff�rents, des r�seaux de distribution diff�rent et leur client�le cible est �galement diff�rente. Chacune des trois […]

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