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Cousework on drugs addiction

When we started this coursework there were a lot of things that our group did in order to come up with the correct topic that we could base our work on. It took quite a while for us to come up with our final decision on the topic we would use; it took votes, suggestion […]

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Program Planning Terminology

I finally got that position as a program manager with SWFAS (Southwest Florida Addiction Services) that I had a lot of interest in. The program that they offer to clients is one that I am very interested in. The program offers help to all people who have chemical substance addictions. The organization conducted a needs […]

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Drugs: Addiction and Quitting

Everyone knows they should get or stay healthy. For most people getting healthy means eating a little less, exercising a little more, or abstaining from smoking and drinking. However, for those who have a problem with drugs—as well as alcohol—getting healthy is literally a matter of life and death. The problem with drugs and alcohol […]

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Solutions to Drug Abuse

Over the recent years, there has been a growing trend for drug abuse in the US. More and more people got used to drugs being around, regarding them as a necessity for life rather than a dangerous stuff, according to the research of the agencies of enforcement in United States. As a result, more and […]

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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction has clear signs and indicators and this page will discuss this in depth. Marijuana addiction is simply an uncontrollable urge to possess and use the drug. Those with marijuana addiction are not able to stop using the drug even if they wish. Often a person with marijuana addiction will make continuous excuses about […]

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