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Architecture Of The Surreal Cultural Studies Essay

The intent of this treatment, as the rubric suggests, is to research how the chartless deepnesss of the unconscious head can go a wellhead of architectural thoughts that blend the most cardinal and natural response to infinite with those rooted in a sense of repression, anxiousness and fright ( or the eldritch ) , peculiarly […]

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Pharmaceutical Plant Design

The dilemma of arranging an industrial process has been as far back in existence as the Industrial revolution. Since the concept of scientific management was first developed, industrialists have been wrestling with the problem of arranging facilities for years. Although plant layout evolved as a distinct industrial function relatively recently, it was a dominant factor […]

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Vintage Britain

To start off with we had to decide our design brief and product theme, my brief was : “Next spring/summer 2011 trend forecasts show the theme “Vintage Britain” is going to be the main key theme in fashion. Design and make a garment at London Fashion Week to celebrate past and present British fashion”. I […]

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The Evolution of Style

“Fashion is the mirror of history”, Lours the XIV correctly observed. Why do people wear what they wear? Why have human beings chosen to change their appearance in such amazing ways? Have they changed it for themselves or for the eyes of others? There is no adequate response. In this report the evolution of fashion […]

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Track 10: Travelling beyond 

TMy choreography is based on a poem called “Brother of the wind. My dance is about ancient warriors fighting through the different phases of weather and how they perform these strong actions and shield themselves from the weather. I then show the soft side of the warriors the relationships however then I show the warriors […]

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To design and make a dish for a special diet

To design and make a dish for a special diet. The special diet I am researching is toddlers. I am working in a pair and need to produce 1 savoury and 1 sweet dish. Task analysis Keywords Toddlers Research Refer to fact sheet . The idea I have chose from each is Sweet-1) jelly -2) […]

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