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Style and presentation 

NB: Criteria on the grids are guides to strengths and weaknesses. They are not equally weighted nor weighted the same for each piece of work. Assessors may judge other aspects such as innovation, effort and flair. Marks are provisional only and subject to confirmation by the External Examiners. Specific comments are only provided in exceptional […]

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Compare and Contrast Two Sociological Theories to Crime and Deviance

Sociological perspectives on society are divided into two areas; Structural and Action Theories. Both these theories aim to describe how society is structured, and what contributes to that make up. This document will look at the structural theories in relation to crime. It aims to show how two sociological theories can be used to analyse […]

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Identify the Biological and Psychological explanations on crime

Biological explanations for crime see deviance in terms of the biological make-up of individuals whereas Psychological explanations maintain that the causes of deviance lie within a faulty mind. This essay will examine both theories. Causes of criminal behaviour are most prominently explained in Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, which suggests that an individual’s well-being is dependent on […]

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Knife Crime

Dear Editor, I am a teenage girl from Killage, County Armagh. I have become very concerned about the increase rise in youth crime especially knife crime. Knife crime is a problem both in Armagh, Northern Ireland and the British Isles. In my own town there has been an increase in youth drinking and anti – […]

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The Evidential Value of Glass Fragments

As a crime scene examiner you are on many occasions going to find glass when approaching a crime scene. It may be a burglary where a person has broken a window to gain entry or egress, a car taken without owner’s consent or even a murder scene where a victim has been bludgeoned by a […]

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