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There is a massive difference

There is a massive difference between rich nations and poorer ones, which grows larger due to debts and trading laws. I find it unbelievable that the 22 richest people in the World have more money than 47 of the poorest countries. An average American spends $116,500 a year while a Somalian spends $17. One quarter […]

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High School Education

This paper states that high schools do not present a wide variety of ethnicity, religions and world studies and therefore do not give their students a complete multicultural education High School Education In school, whether it be at the high school or college levels, there are usually lists of books thought as being essential reading. […]

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The Separation of Church and State in America

The volatile nature of voting behaviour in the US and the nature of how and what issues are salient at the time of election leads to many factors influencing US voting behaviour. Short-term factors, such as leadership, issues and candidate appeals and campaigns, can be as significant as longer-term factors such as social class, age, […]

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Evangelism and Discipleship

Dr. Walter Brueggemann’s article on “Evangelism and Discipleship” in his book “The Word that Redescribes the World, The Bible, and Discipleship” distinctively indicates how evangelism and discipleship can be viewed in the modern world. A view of his position Dr. Brueggemann pointed out in his article that God only calls people who are willing to […]

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Evangelism and Church Growth

Evangelism is the spreading of Christianity to all the people in the earth and it is done by evangelist, missionaries, priests and pastors. Spreading the world of God to all mankind is our primary duty to him. Evangelism is the proclaiming of the Christian Gospel, or by preaching the word of God to his people. […]

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