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Clinical Chemistry Tests in Medicine

A discussion of blood tests used as a diagnostic tool in medicine. Clinical Chemistry Tests in Medicine Of the diagnostic methods available to veterinarians, the clinical chemistry test has developed into a valuable aid for localizing pathologic conditions. This test is actually a collection of specially selected individual tests. With just a small amount of […]

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Relation of People’s Lifestyle and the Climate

Climate change is the change in the weather looked at it over a long period of time. There are two factors causing it- natural and man-made. Natural, we cannot stop it from happening but man-made is something to look upon. People are not aware that their day-to-day life has a severe impact on the environment. […]

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There are different factors that affect the resistance of a wire

There are different factors that affect the resistance of a wire: * Length * Thickness * Temperature * Voltage * Material I am going to do two experiments in this investigation. In experiment one I am going to investigate how the resistance of a wire depends on its length. In experiment two I am going […]

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Rates Investigation Report

Hydrogen Peroxide,H2O2, decomposes into water and oxygen: 2H2O2 2H2O + O2 The reaction can be catalysed by Manganese Oxide and by the enzyme catalyst, found in yeast. Our task was to investigate the factors, which affect the rate of decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide. Introduction The factors, which we were allowed to investigate, which could have […]

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