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What is exemplary about Rinconete y Cortadillo?

Rinconete y Cortadillo forms part of Miguel de Cervantes’s Novelas Ejemplares. In order to answer what is exemplary about this novel, we must first understand the meaning of ‘exemplary’. The Concise Oxford dictionary defines this adjective as “1. fit to be imitated; outstandingly good. 2. to serve as a warning 3. illustrative, representative”. Cervantes’s intention […]

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In conclusion one of Dickens’ purposes of writing ‘Hard Times’ was to make a social comment about the idea of utilitarianism in the teaching system

Charles Dickens was a Victorian, sardonic writer who wrote social criticisms about Victorian England. In the first few chapters of ‘Hard Times’ Charles Dickens is criticizing in particular the education system. Charles Dickens is showing what the curriculum is like through the eyes of Mr. Gradgrind and how the children would react through the eyes […]

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