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Supporting and Safeguarding Adults

‘All care homes should have CCTV’, says woman who used E120 covert camera to capture shocking footage showing nurse abusing and taunting her 92-year-old mother-in-law’ An elderly lady living in a dementia care home, Bridie Rees was shouted at and abused by a nurse she knew and trusted called Faderera Bello. Her family noticed bruises […]

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Reflexology Case Study

Client B is 40 years old, happily married, with two children. She has an active lifestyle looking after her family as well as working part time in two shops in the village where she lives. In her spare time she enjoys taking part in aerobics classes. Medical History At the initial consultation, Client B revealed […]

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Hilton Hotels and a B&B analysed

Hilton Hotels Corporation is recognised as one of the leading global hospitality companies. Hilton Hotels Corporation is also renowned for providing guests and customers with the finest, most exclusive accommodation and service anywhere in the world and brings value for business or leisure. Hilton Hotels offer guests the widest possible variety of hotels, including city […]

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Case Study “Off Course”

1. Describe the type(s) of control that could be used to improve the BC Ferries service to prevent an accident such as this occurring again. Be specific. Feedback control proves that while they had an established protocol for situations such as this, however, the process wasn’t second nature to staff. Feedback also established the need […]

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New Balance CSR Case Study

New Balance is the second largest athletic footwear manufacturer in the U. S. and the fourth largest in the world. The company has had a strong focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) since its inception 100 years ago, although until recently it has not necessarily been adept at making the public aware of its “doing […]

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Nike Case Study

While there are some companies such as Blackberry, that have struggled to keep up with the growing technology changes and advances, there are also companies like Nike, which has continually innovated and increased marketing to survive over time. Nike is an excellent corporation to study which has had continuous success over a lengthy period of […]

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