An insight into business and the role it plays in our society. Business plays a major role within our society. It is a creative and competitive activity that continuously contributes to the shaping of our society. By satisfying the needs and wants people cannot satisfy themselves, businesses improve the quality of life for people and […]

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Organizational structure

“Organizational structure is the pattern of relationships among positions in the organization and among members of the organization. Structure makes the application of the processes of management possible and creates a framework of order and command through which the activities of the organization can be planned, organized, directed and controlled. The structure defines tasks and […]

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This talk will be directed to a group of management students

This talk will be directed to a group of management students and has as its main areas of subject organisational culture and leadership. The talk will include academic theory and current businesses examples so that students can get a wider view regarding these complex, yet essential management areas. Some key concepts such as culture, structure, […]

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Managing Absenteeism

Absenteeism is a very expensive problem for businesses. By “absenteeism” it is meant as Cascio’s (2000) explanation: “any failure to report for or remain at work as scheduled, regardless of the reason”. Annual Absence & Labour Turnover Survey 2008 by the CBI and insurer AXA revealed that of the 172 million sick days lost to […]

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MP3 player market

Monopolistically competitive markets can be characterised as having few barriers to entry and exit, producers influencing market prices with no firm having control over the market price, and brand loyalty that allows companies to increase prices without losing all customers (Anold, 2010). A connection between brand loyalty, price competition and market entry barriers could be […]

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A monopoly exists in theory

A monopoly exists in theory where a firm is the only supplier of a good or service for which there are no direct substitutes. Whilst potential entry may not be ruled out in principle, it does not take place in practice because a monopoly is protected by extremely effective barriers to entry. Thus a monopoly […]

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