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Australian immigration and its effects on the environment

This paperlooks at the devastating effects of immigration on the Australian environment over the past few centuries. Australia is an island continent which is geographically isolated from the rest of the world. This has resulted in the evolution of many unique plants and animals and the development of a very fragile ecosystem. This ecosystem has […]

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Australia, A Country Report

A thorough report on the geography, economy and population of Australia. INTRODUCTION Australia, island continent located southeast of Asia and forming, with the nearby island of Tasmania, the commonwealth of Australia, a self-governing member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The commonwealth of Australia is made up of six states News south Wales, Queensland, South Australia, […]

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What are the changing attitude of Australians towards war and peace?

It becomes apparent that the changing attitudes towards war and peace in Australia have occurred because of social, cultural and political components. These components have been influenced as a result of protests, acceptance, upheavals, respect and many more. Everywhere in the world attitudes towards war changed when the world experienced World War 1. Australia had […]

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Life in Australia

IIt was a lovely day in Hong Kong and I was just about to finish my homework, mum came to me and said she had decided to send me to Australia to study on my own. Traveling overseas by myself was a daunting prospect but I had no choice. I had to give up all […]

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Obesity in Australia Speech

I can almost be certain that no – one in this room would disagree with this statement, Although small country compared to places such as North America, and Europe we have a great way of life, we are a democratic nation, live in the 21st century and pose some of the most amazing natural attractions […]

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Australian Immigration

This paper argues against further immigration to Australia Australian Immigration Australia’s immigration policy is disastrous, proceeding as if there is no balance of payment problem, no foreign debt and no geographical or environmental constraints to population growth. Continued immigration will finally and irreversibly alter the natural and urban environment, economic viability and attitudes and culture […]

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