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Hitler’s Rise to Power

Question 1: The economic depression of 1929 played an important part in Hitler’s rise to power. This is because the industrial boom in the US led to a number of businesses over-manufactorng their goods. The goods then weren’t sold and the businesses went bankrupt. Gradually the US went bankrupt then the whole world. The US […]

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How does source I prove that Goering was telling the truth in source H?

Source H is Goering’s account of a conversation with Hitler regarding Kristallnacht. In this account Goering claims that Goebbels planned Kristallnacht, continuing he implies that Hitler was against Kristallnacht. Goering claims that he himself disapproved of the event due to materialistic reasons saying “it is not acceptable that he upset my difficult economic tasks” this […]

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Hitler Sources Question

From ‘Source A’ you can learn that Hitler expected either resistance or the need to intimidate the crowd as he and his men were armed. One can see that the events did not ‘kick off until 8.30, as this is the time Hitler’s men enter the room. Also you can observe that Hitler had planned […]

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Explore the presentation of the Nazi Party in feature films

In between the period of 1933 and 1945,the Nazi party became one of Germany’s most famous regimes. It caused the Second World War to break out and therefore had spread its name throughout most of the world. The leader of this party was Adolf Hitler. Along with the other Nazi members, he portrayed his callous […]

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