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Determining an equilibrium constant

PART A: Table 1.1- Components of tube 1 (a) Mass of empty tube/ g 19.076 � 0.001 Volume of HCl (aq) added/ cm 3 5.00 � 0.01 Mass of tube after addition/ g 20.201 � 0.001 Mass of HCl (aq) added/ g 5.125 � 0.001 Table 1.2 – Components of tube 1 (b) (A1: measurements […]

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Determine the concentration or molarity of Ethanoic acid

The aim of this investigation is to determine the concentration or molarity of Ethanoic acid (CH3COOH) in two types of commercial vinegar. To set about this, values of percent by mass have been noted from the internet and the modal value for this was 5%. The concentration can be calculated from percentage by mass by […]

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Quantitative Tests For Identifying Organic Functional Groups

Aldehydes and ketones can undergo a variety of reactions, but they share many chemical properties with other related compounds such as acids and esters. It is possible to detect the presence of an aldehyde or ketone by reaction with 2,4 dinitrophenylhydrazine this test only gives a positive result with aldehydes and no reaction with ketones, […]

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Aqueous Potassium Bromide

Nitric Acid – Highly Corrosive, toxic, oxidizing agent Silver Nitrate – Poisonous, Corrosive to skin (Wear protective gloves and/or protective clothing) Method 1) First pipette approximately 10cm3 of each solution into separate boiling tubes and bubble carbon dioxide into each of the solutions. The one goes milky (white precipitate) from colourless is the Calcium hydroxide […]

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The World of Chemistry

The soil has abundant amount of various metals and minerals. When these metals come in contact with acid rain there can be some harmful chemical reactions. These reactions can lead to soil erosion. Acid rains are known to reduce the fertility of the soil, leaving the land barren. Harmful acids can also reduce the amount […]

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