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A close study of Trevor Griffiths’ comedians

At the beginning of Act three the comedians return from their show to discuss their performances. There is a “low, tense, anxious, angry, baffled mood”. Trevor Griffiths creates this atmosphere through the use of language, form and structure. There is a feeling of defeat at the start of Act 3. The comics who remained loyal […]

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Psychological dimensions in Hamlet

A study of the psychological dimensions of Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”. ” “To Be Insane or Not To Be Insane That Tis The Question” With in Hamlet, Shakespeare gives a psychological dimension to the thoughts and actions of each of his characters, especially hamlet. Shakespeare gives the reader an in-depth look into the mind of Hamlet. […]

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Screenplay for Film Studies

Opening: Lou arrives at the hotel, all is in black and white. Chandeliers sweep across the ceiling, a panning shot swoops around these and we see Lou walking to the Lobby. Lou; “Erm, hi, im looking for a Mr. Abel, could you tell me what room he’s in ?” ; As the woman looks up, […]

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English Devised Play

Tara: So…who do you think told them it was us? Gabbie: How am I supposed to know? I don’t even know why we’re here. Tara: Oh come on Gabbie. Remember that girl named Sarah? Remember how she tried to swallow some pills and end her life? Remember… Gabbie: How is that our fault if the […]

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