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What You Can Learn from the Golf Channel’s MLK Speech Twitter Slip-up

;I have a dream.; For most, that's a phrase from Martin Luther King Jr's legendary speech at the March on Washington, one of the largest civil rights demonstrations of its time held 50 years ago. For The Golf Channel, it was an opportunity for a ham-fisted social media promotion. Twitter users could tweet their favorite […]

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FDS Marketing Project

This marketing report will give detailed information on Fieldstone Day School’s marketing problem. This will be followed by the FDS marketing audit which describes the product, price, place, promotion and target market. Next we will examine the marketing objective of FDS and its competitive advantage relative to others schools. This will be followed by a […]

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Marketing Puzzle

A successful strategic marketing process is one that understands the consumer’s satisfaction and by scanning their needs through regular surveys and other customer relationship processed as shown in Appendix VI. This scanning process will guide the market target and define what adds value to the customer, organization and the other stakeholders. (Ansoff, 1965). Once the […]

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Business and management

The theory of marketing distinguishes between the two major types of promotional strategies – “push” strategies and “pull” strategies. Both strategies work for the creation of consumer demand in the market; however, while “push” strategies usually use trade promotion activities and involve sales force, “pull” strategies use costly advertising to promote the product in consumer […]

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Marketing Strategy Questions

A distribution channel is a set of actions and decisions, as well as physical facilities that facilitate the delivery of the goods from manufacturer to consumer. Distribution channels are integrally linked to logistics; logistics is responsible for the creation and maintenance of effective relations between various participants of a distribution channel. Geographic factors heavily impact […]

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