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Our teachers have been scaring us with the word “plagiarism,” saying that if the student’s work is not authentic enough, the whole course is failed. It is high time we face the problem of plagiarism and overcome it once and forever. With the help of our newest plagiarism-free software, you can forget all the nightmares about lack of citations, or stealing somebody’s words. You may not only improve the originality level of your essay but enhance the overall quality of articles by understanding how plag check online works.

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What is plagiarism?

The most common definition, which you might have heard, is that it is about stealing somebody’s words without adding proper references. In reality, it is much more than just adding somebody’s ideas to your paper. There are many types of plagiarism, and after you understand each of them, it will be easier for you to prevent low grades.

There is a variety of situations when students do not want and do not mean to plagiarize, but because they forget to cite the source, all their work is doomed to failure. One more reason is paraphrasing which does not include direct quotations. If you have not paraphrased the sentences well, the detector counts it as cheating. However, do not panic if you have just understood that you have plagiarized quite a lot in your paper. Our service helps you detect the weakest points, and you can easily change everything before the teacher calls you a copycat. Save your reputation as an honest student thanks to our online plagiarism tracker.

How can we help?

The primary objective of our service is making students’ work more authentic as well hiding the slightest hints of paraphrasing somebody’s words. You will receive the detailed report about how original your composition is. You will see all the links that lead to the websites where the similar word combinations or ideas are mentioned. Having this information, you will be able to rewrite those parts which are underlined by our scanner. This function of the detector saves student’s time and helps them with receiving higher grades.

Accurate plagiarism checker for free

Our company uses the most cutting-edge online technologies to make the best of our possibilities. Our software will provide the concluding results at the drop of a hat, and it will be 100% accurate. Although the World Wide Web is enormous regarding the amount of info, our detectors work very quickly. We assure that both speed and accuracy are our primary targets, and while your check is finished within a blink of an eye, it is still entirely accurate.

What is more, whenever you need to check the paper for plagiarism, use our service, and spend no money. It will take a couple of minutes, but the final result won’t make you disappointed.

What are the main steps?

Step 1. Download the file with your essay or several essays. You can also directly paste the text into the separate box.

Step 2. Click on the button that reads: “Check my paper for plagiarism.”

Step 3. Wait for the analysis.

Step 4. Read the final report or download it to your computer.

After those basic steps, the ball is in your count. Now you have the result, and you are to decide whether to improve the authenticity of your papers or leave everything as it is. If the originality rate is too low, you can rewrite and paraphrase the underlined parts, or make an order at our site so that our experts in writing will do the work for you. We guarantee that you will not have to worry about plagiarism if you rely on our qualified writers.

There is no need to go back to the drawing board and write the essay from scratch again, just check those parts, which are highlighted by the scanners. Use synonyms, rewrite, or just add the correct citations.

Why should you choose GetMyEssay.com?

The answer is simple – we provide the best service, and we are improving every day. You will like the system of our core values:


The text, which you download, is never saved in our database, and nobody will ever get access to your articles. When you delete your essay, it disappears from our servers as well.

Up-to-date technologies

We understand how valuable time is in the modern-day world. Therefore, we use the most advanced technologies to make our authenticity checker work at breakneck speed.


Our detectors scan the whole Internet just in a minute to find any texts similar to yours. The system never misses any articles, and that is why the report is 100% accurate.

Get Rid of Plagiarism Permanently

Our service is the best you can ever have, and by trying it once, you will get a habit to examine your papers with it every time you finish writing. Plagiarism is no more a problem if you use top-notch services like here at GetMyEssay.com. We are waiting for your essays!

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