Korean Martyrs

Korean Martyrs were the subjects of religious persecution against the Christians during the 19th century in Korea. During the persecutions of 1839, 1846,...... Read More

My Plan for Success

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When Religion Becomes Evil

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Mayan Religion

The Mayan creation story is known as the ‘Popol Vuh’. The word ‘Popol Vuh’ itself means ‘Council Book’, and is the most important...... Read More

Fantasy Faces Reality

Joyce’s short story “Araby” shows us the moment of awakening from fantasy by a boy’s one-side love story. we sometimes experience when we...... Read More

Art Commission Statement

Team B has been commissioned to design and develop a piece of art that will represent developments in world events and cultural patterns,...... Read More

My New Ideal Religious System

In the modern and diverse social environment, many institutions function as inevitable part of the society. These institutions aim to either encourage social...... Read More

Technology and Religion

Technology has drastically changed our religious habits and traditions over the past decade; however, I do not believe it has changed our morals,...... Read More