United Nations – About poverty

One of the greater things, the well-known organisation United Nations, work against is poverty. In some parts of the world poverty is a big problem; it is not just in the non-developed countries and there is not just one kind of poverty either. In this essay I will mention two kinds of poverty, economical and […]

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What can be done to reduce poverty in the world?

Poverty is “Hard to train to accept being poor”, but it is lugubrious for some people who have no choice than to take it as granted. Poverty is the condition of having insufficient resources or income. In its most extreme form, absolute poverty is a lack of basic human needs, such as adequate and nutritious […]

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Foodcourt Advantages and Disadvantages

There can only be two types of food courts: one which is spacious and has a lot of space for the customers to sit but does not have various choices of food to order and another which is very small and does not have space for customers to sit but has various varieties of food […]

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The Case Against Helping the Poor

Garret Hardin was Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University of California – Santa Barbara, and considered himself to be a human ecologist who wrote, lectured, and taught about this subject. His most famous essay is “The Tragedy of the Commons,” published in 1968; the ideas in this essay resurface in “Lifeboat Ethics. ” In […]

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