“Is Underground realist?”

Underground (1995) seems to be a black comedy full of melodramatic, socio-political and satirical essence. It appears to commence on the pain of a whole generation under war conditions; World War II, Cold War, Communism and war in Yugoslavia. It is about History being rewritten with controversial heroes and with nothing changing at the end. […]

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Discuss the validity of Hobbes’s depiction of the State of Nature

This essay looks to explore Hobessian’s theory of the ‘state of nature’. I will begin with a brief explanation of the ‘state of nature’ then go on to explore different interpretations of the theory and how it has been received by other academics and critics. I then conclude my views of the theory as to […]

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Steven Lukes

‘Steven Lukes’ ‘three dimensional’ model of power overlooks important aspects of how power actually operates’. Discuss with reference to at least three authors who are critical of Lukes’ work. There has been much discussion concerning the various faces of power. Steven Lukes’ classical essay entitled: ‘Power; a Radical View’ was written in 1974 and although […]

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Using a minimum of three political thinkers studied

Citizenship is one of the oldest terms in political dialogue. In essence, the citizen is one who is entitled to participate in the life of the political community. Held summarises citizenship as “a status which, in principle, bestows upon individuals equal rights and duties, liberties and constraints, powers and responsibilities within the political community” (Pierson, […]

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Free speech and free expression

Free speech and free expression has always been a hard pressed issue in society, whether it be in America concerning the Bill of Rights and the first amendment, or in Europe concerning the written works of great authors like John Stuart Mill and Thomas Paine. All of the authors we have read so far throughout […]

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Spring 2004 Midterm

All feature characters we have read thus far have been shaped by, and have been seen moving through environments that were portrayed as oppressive. Each author conceived oppression in the three books in varying degrees in both its sources and manifestations. Capitalism in, and of itself, is exploitative by nature. Its main mantra is the […]

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