Reggie Power

His name was Reggie Power, he was a small boy about 5’4 aged 16 with short brown hair and of slim build. The sweat glistened in the light as it reflected off his forehead. “Stop playing with that stupid ball and come in and get some dinner,” bellowed his mum from inside the kitchen. “I […]

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Analyse the the music used in the play ‘Blood Brothers’

In the opening of the play the mixture of narration and spotlight help to focus the audience attention to the words being spoken. The slow and mysterious music gives a sense of importance whilst setting an edgy mood. During the first song the positioning on stage is used well, with Miss Johnston left onstage, alone, […]

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Kids These Days

There are a lot of things that I despise in the world today, and for many good reasons. One of these things (or should I say person’s) is Justin Bieber. Oh where do I start! First of all, his voice is so high pitched, you wouldn’t to be able to tell the difference between him […]

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Explore your music talent – lyrics rewriting

March – a busy but fruitful month to be! As you all know, there will be numerous music-related competitions in the coming weeks, for instance choir, orchestra, and other instrumental interschool contests; echoing with “the month of Music”, the Music Club is holding a lyric rewriting competition so as to allow students to showcase their […]

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Kylie Garcia

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