Theories of Illness and Medicine in Ancient History

We do not know what prehistoric people thought about causes of and cures for illness so we look at the Australian Aborigines who lived as hunter-gatherers until quite recently. Prehistoric people may have had different ideas. We just cannot be certain. Aborigines thought that illness was caused either by an evil spirit entering the body […]

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History of Medicine – the development of anaesthetics

Anaesthetics were important in the history of surgery because without the problem of pain, patients were more willing to have operations to treat their illnesses and more operations were carried out. This meant that surgeons could develop more experience. Moreover, because patients were no longer wriggling about in agony and having to be held down […]

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Safe Guarding, Anti Social Behaviour and Domestic Abuse assingments

The safeguarding vulnerable group’s act 2006 was passed to ensure that service users in a health and social care setting are protected from individuals that are believed to be unsuitable to work with vulnerable adults and children. This is because these individuals may have abused people in the past or the future by physically, emotionally […]

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Artificial Cardiac Pacemakers

The heart is an essential organ possessed by every living human. It is vital as it pumps blood rich in oxygen (received from the lungs) to every living cell within the body and pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs (from the body)1. In the opposite diagram of a human heart, the blue sections represent the […]

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The impact of the discovery of DNA on medicine, biotechnology and agriculture

DNA has had a massive impact on medicine and agriculture. Biotechnology, which I was less familiar with can be defined as “the application of organisms, biological systems or processes to the manufacturing and service industries” (The Royal Society, 1981). Whole organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae are used and the estimated market is […]

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