Renal Impairment – Case study

During this placement a case study will be produced focusing on a patient with renal impairments. The aim of the assignment is to assess, plan, implement and evaluate on the nurnnsing care provided to the patient. It will be focusing on three main problems the patient has whilst there stay at the hospital. The three […]

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Describe the Mechanism of Action of Diuretics

How does this Help us to Understand the Mechanism of Water and Salt Movements in the Kidney Diuretics cause an effect on the kidneys, to increase the excretion of salt and water. They are used in the treatment of heart failure and oedema (the accumulation of extracellular fluid), but also are used to treat hypertension. General […]

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Cancer is defined as a medical disorder characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells beyond normal limits, followed by invasion from adjacent tissues. It is spread to other body parts by lymph or blood through metastasis. The division of cancerous cells progresses from initiation and promotion till formation of malignant tumors. The diagrammatic representation of formation […]

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The First World War helped more than it hindered progress in Medicine

This essay will discuss whether WWI had a positive or negative impact on the history of medicine taking into account future impacts and concluding whether any progress made was worth the amount of deaths from the devastating war. Firstly, the First World War did help medicine as although there were many deaths, the war allowed […]

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