Consumer Promotions Defined

In an effort to continue commerce, consumerism and capitalism businesses must be strategic and creative in enticing consumers to purchase products and services....... Read More

A&F Discussion Questions

1. Companies like J. Crew (http://www. jcrew. com) and banana republic (http://www. bananarepublic. com) are targeting many of the same consumers as Abercrombie...... Read More

Marketing Research

The Inding Store is part of the Miscellaneous Section found inside the Carmen Public Wet Market in Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City. It...... Read More

Simulated Test Marketing

The Introduction to Marketing simulation challenges students to make realistic marketing and business decisions in a competitive, fast-paced market. It allows your students...... Read More

Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology is the discipline of study that looks at why we buy or use the goods and services we buy, what the...... Read More