Why do we never learn?

The hands of the towering clock, in the square, had just struck midnight with an eerie silence. The moon and stars filled the clear sky on what was one of the most beautiful nights in a long time. Trees stood perfectly still, as if to watch the spectacular sky. The streets of Hagen City were […]

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My advancement of learning

It was unusually hot that day and the beach was busier than normal, me and my friend josh, both decided we wanted to go for a swim in the sea, but this wasn’t normal for me, I had never been in the sea before, I had always had a fear of jellyfish, I have had […]

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The Saturdays and Dethroned Section Leader

The case of the dethroned section leader was an interesting case study in leadership, learning and perspective. It also examines how the emotional self is invested in our professional selves, somewhat unsurprisingly. The situation presented could occur anywhere and is easily relatable for most students, either in having witnessed it or having similar thoughts. The […]

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Social Learning

The factual errors or distortions are problems that can occur in any learning including in social learning. There are 3 reasons of factual errors or distortions as following: receive wrong message, unsuitable, and the negative side of ideal self. Firstly, receive wrong message is happened when we interpreting something wrong or misunderstanding when we communicate […]

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High School Students Should Only Receive Homework 3 Nights a Week

Today it is very important strengthen the educational process at home. Although students spend time in the classroom, this is not enough to learn in high school all they need to know for each subject. For students are very important dominate basic skills, this requires extra work at home, this essay will argue that High […]

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Unconventional Learners Do Not Make the Grade

“Read-Only Participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes’ discusses the formation of an online community as the most significant criterion for efficacious completion and is contingent on collaboration between peers and instructor. Beaudoin reasoned that online students occasionally absorb and acquire knowledge while not taking part in online discussions. There was a diverse […]

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